Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ole Pub builds strong relationship with college students

Norman, OK- Every college town has one; a favorite bar and grill or “Pub” that every student visits sometime during their college years. Norman has several but one that sticks out amongs the rest is O’Connell’s Pub and Grill. Known for it’s green beer on St. Patrick’s Day and over-capacity limits on a Friday or Saturday night, O’Connell’s is frequented by almost every student at the University of Oklahoma.
With two locations in Norman, O’Connell’s has no problem building its relationship with the patrons at OU. “O’Connell’s build its relationship with students by showing them a good time,” said a waitress at O’Connell’s who wanted to remain anonymous. “Cheap beer, warm burgers, and an OU discount as a way to draw them in,” she continued. “It’s a place to relax, have fun, and forget about school,” she added.
With one prime location on historic Campus Corner and another at the intersection of Lindsey and Jenkins, O’Connell’s is a place that many students have created new relationships and continue with old ones.

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