Sunday, April 11, 2010

Motivation inspires the desire to get a college degree

NORMAN-For some, reasons to go to school vary. For some students, their parents are the driving factor and reason to attend and graduate college. Other students have different reasons to attend and graduate with a degree. American Indians are the most to state that getting a degree builds a relationship with their community, family, tribe, or other support group to attend and graduate college. Sarah Kernell, a nurse at the Indian Health Clinic in Oklahoma City said "Yeah, graduating from college was something I wanted to do and to give back to my community." Kernell, is an American Indian from the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Kernell is active at both the Norman First American Methodist Church and her tribal community of Hillabee, near Hanna, OK. Many American Indian students in college see the chance of getting their degree and going back to help their tribe or community.

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  1. Good job, Lee. I really like the angle. A couple of "constructive criticism" points: 1) The first few sentences could be more concise and actually be one sentence. 2) You don't really need a direct quote from her in the lead-in. Other than an unneeded comma and OK needing to Okla., you did a great job!