Sunday, April 18, 2010

Community Comes Together To Share and Learn Language

NORMAN--Seated in an informal circle Davetta Geimausaddle listens to Dane Poolaw as he leads the group in a lesson on conversational Kiowa. Davetta is one of several Kiowa language students who attends a weekly community class devoted to learning the Kiowa language. Leading the class is Dane Poolaw and Carole Willis, both are Kiowa language instructors in the Anthropology department at the University of Oklahoma. The class meets at the historic Jacobsen House on the corner of Chautauqua and Boyd. The class is surrounded by the infamous artwork of the Kiowa Five artists. The class is free and open to anyone interested in learning the Kiowa language.

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  1. Lee - the photos are getting better, but watch out for the backgrounds. Solid work, though. julie